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Digital Signage for Student Communications
Posted on Monday, July 17, 2017

Reference: Tech & Learning UK 

Today’s tech savvy students expect technology to be an integral part of their education. Facility managers therefore, need to ensure they distribute valuable and up to date educational information across schools and higher education campuses using the latest technology innovations that meet those student expectations. This can be effectively achieved using digital signage.

Strategically placed in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, hallways and everywhere in between, digital signage screens can display course-related announcements such as timetables, events and activities, lunch menus, advertising and wayfinding across campus.

Indispensable tool

Beyond course work and club activities, digital signage is also an indispensable tool for broadcasting emergency messaging. Displaying information such as fire exits or meeting points on screens around campus, in real time can help simplify the process in an emergency; supporting teachers and faculty members as they escort students out of the building.

It can also be used for promoting recreational activities in a range of locations. Libraries can display reading list information or availability of new books and promote training sessions. Administrators can also react quickly to changing circumstances and update content on the go.

Digital signage systems today integrate seamlessly with a school or university’s existing AV over IP infrastructure to enable administrators to centrally control the information on display, and change content on the go and in real time. With digital signage creation tools becoming simpler to use, students can also get involved in the creation of digital signage. From primary school to university level, this opportunity can help students familiarise themselves with digital technology and take an active part in life on campus.

Tailored signage

Providing intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, the latest digital signage systems are ideal for young, tech savvy learners, enabling them to easily create tailored signage screens for each faculty or school. Digital screens can also include live TV, video of student activities, third party data from web pages, PDFs, PowerPoint slides or RSS feeds to display real-time information. Scheduling tools also give users the opportunity to target messages to the right audience at the right time.

Digital signage serves as a fundamental tool in education today. From providing access to course work and activity-related material through to lunch menus, emergency messages and library resources, it has gone beyond being a simple static solution to being fully integrated within an institution’s unified communications systems.