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Fohhn releases next generation of beam steering systems: Available now – first new Linea Focus DLI models with digital inputs.
Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nürtingen, Germany, 19th April 2017 – After eight successful years, Fohhn Audio’s award-winning Linea Focus Beam Steering systems have undergone a major update that includes the addition of new innovative features and digital inputs. The first of these “next generation” models to ship are the Linea Focus DLI-130 and DLI-230 systems designed for fixed installation applications.

The new loudspeakers are equipped as standard with inputs for AES/EBU and Fohhn AIREA. Both models are also available with optional interfaces for Dante or Optocore, or – as previously – with analogue inputs.

Other new features and functions, which can be remotely controlled or monitored using Fohhn Audio Soft, include password protected access control, readout of data from an integrated tilt sensor and a configurable Auto Power Save function. DSP functions are now available at both the speaker inputs and outputs.

Linea Focus DLI-130 and DLI-230 systems are high performance line source speakers that can be electronically controlled and monitored. Equipped with eight or sixteen state-of-the-art CLASS-D amplifiers respectively, and DSP technology specially developed for this field of application, the loudspeakers also contain eight / sixteen coated 4” long excursion drivers.

As with all beam steering systems belonging to Fohhn’s Focus-Series, the loudspeakers’ vertical beam dispersion characteristics can be intuitively controlled, in real time, using Fohhn Audio Soft. Unwanted reflections from the floor or ceiling can therefore be avoided, resulting in precise and even coverage of audience areas.

Primarily developed for fixed installation applications in venues with difficult acoustic conditions, the DLI-130 and DLI-230 are ideal for use in cathedrals and churches, congress halls, exhibition- and shopping centres, airports and railway stations, lecture theatres and conference rooms.