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Since 1981 Kramer Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of unique creative and affordable video and audio products that serve the presentation broadcasting professional commercial audio visual and home cinema markets. Our 1000-plus different models now appear in 11 groups that are clearly defined by function. Kramer exhibits over 1000 models in its ever expanding range of products.

Model: F676-OUT2-F34

F676-OUT2-F34 is a high-performance HDMI fiber optic modular matrix output card for ultra-reach extension of 4K at 60Hz (4:4:4) HDMI signals.
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Kramer CP-AOCH/XL (CLS-AOCH/XL)* Wins AV Accessory of the Year
Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2016


Wins AV Accessory of the Year

Kramer CLS-AOCH/XL Active Fiber Optic HDMI Cable w/ Detachable Ends Wins AV Accessory of the Year

Kramer's Active Fiber Optic High-speed HDMI Cable with Detachable Connectors Wins AV Magazine’s Prestigious AV Accessory of the Year Award for 2016

 Kramer's innovative active fiber optic HDMI cable with detachable connectors, the AOCH/XL, takes home the prestigious AV Accessory of the Year award for 2016.

 The AOCH/XL series cables are pluggable, plug-and-play HDMI active optical cables with unique removable HDMI-A or DVI ends, allowing the cables to be easily pulled through small conduits. The cables support resolutions of up to 4K UHD over long cable runs (up to 100 meters and in a low smoke and halogen free, or plenum-rated jacket) without requiring external power supply or additional extenders. Watch the video to see how it works.

 "The AOCH/XL offers the easiest way to deliver 4K HDMI over long distances" said Yishai Mescheloff, VP Installer Solutions at Kramer. "With its slim design and detachable connectors, the cable is built for convenience and reliability" added Yishai.

 * The European low-smoke CLS-AOCH/XL cable won the award; the plenum-rated model in the US is known as the CP-AOCH/XL.